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Terms of Service
If you want to use this website please read the terms of service completely. If you accept it, you are a welcomed guest on our website, if not we have to ask you politely to leave this site and never come back. Thank you for your comprehension.
1.) Common sence
We all know these never ending terms of service and EULAs and yes – they annoy us as well. That’s why we tried to keep this text as short as possible without missing some important aspects or let some important questions unanswered. To reach this we assume that everyone who reads this have a common sense and we are begging you to use it. If you doubt that you have one, then please ask a friend or an acquaintances how various things are to handle or to understand. Otherwise we are going to explain you here in the near future, that you shouldn’t use our service on your smartphone during driving a car (and yes we had a specific country in mind by writing this section).
2.) Costs of our services
Every service we offer is currently free and we do not plan to change this ever.
3.) Availability and data loss
There are many factors which can influence the availability of our site. In reason of that we unfortunately can’t ensure that the site will be permanently reachable. Of course we try our best to get you access to our service at any time. Moreover there is a chance that under certain circumstances data can get lost (pictures, results, messages, …). But here as well, we can’t assume liability. So please let at least a backup of your uploaded pictures on your harddrive.
4.) Data privacy
4. a) Voluntary submission of data
We don’t force anyone to provide more data than he or she is willing to. All given data on this site are given voluntarily.
4. b) No passing on of your data
All data collected by us is used for internal use only and will not be shared with third parties. And by the way, we are not a proponent of the big-data-trend, which means we try to collect as least data as we can to still provide you our full service. But we have to mention, that third parties might collect data even on our site. For further information please read section 4. e).
4. c) Accessibility of your data
The data of your Poker-Group is currently only available for the members of your group. No user outside of the group have access to it. Additionally does no one have access to your mail-address and your name you only provided for us, not even your group members. For the future it is planned that each group can decide for themselves whether the results of this group are to be shown publicly or not. But there is no chance, that a group can accidentally or automatically switch to this mode and even in this mode posts and comments wouldn’t be available for “guests”.
4. d) Cookies
Yes … we use cookies, like almost every other company, as well (for example to save your chosen language). You can deactivate cookies in any browser (even in the worst – Safari), but be aware that this will worsen your internet experience. For everyone who don’t know what cookies are:
"Cookies are small files, which allows a website to save small, device-related data on the users device. They are used to improve the internet experience of the user by saving for example the chosen language. They are also used to collect statistical data of the using of the website to analyze the behavior of the users and improve the website. The users can influence the use of the cookies. The most browsers have options with which the use of cookies can be deactivated or restricted. However, without cookies the usage, or at least the usage comfort, will also be restricted."
4. e) Data collected from third parties
There is a good chance, that third parties will collect data from you during you are surfing on our site. That is for example when you are watching a YouTube video which is posted on your group site. We reserve the right to use Google Analytics and Google AdWords at some point. These Google services create cookies, collect data and save them, mostly often, on American servers. If you have concerns about this, then you should probably leave the internet for now and for always, because almost every website is using this Google service. But on the Google website you can restrict the data they collect. Or you are going to the website of the Network Advertising Initiative ( and restrict the data collectors from there.
4. f) Theft of data
Everyone knows that there are some evil people out there in the internet. We try our best to protect you from them. That’s why we save your passwords only encrypted. But everyone knows, that there is no absolute security. Therefore we can’t assume liability for stolen data. It’s a common recommendation to use different passwords for different services. We can only support this idea. The theft of data not only refer on passwords and similar data, but also on uploaded pictures etc..
5.) Responsibility of contents
We are a community where everyone can post whatever he or she wants to. Nevertheless we ask you politely to follow the rules of the basic courtesy if you are in contact with other members. In reason of that everyone can post what ever they want to, we can’t assume liability for anything which is posted, shared or published by one of our users. This also applies to linked websites, which are responsible for their own content.