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My Poker Group Here you will find a complete solution for your poker group. From organizing the single events up to the statistical analysis of your results. Unfunded discussions about the best player in the group now belong to the past, as you can provide the best possible proof of who really is the strongest player - and that all without a calculator and eternally long notepads. Whether profits, ITM, tournament victories, ROIs, league points, profitable re-entries or other values, you have the proof in your hands. Another problem which is known from almost all poker groups is finding the best date. It's difficult to find a suitable date on which most of the players have time. But even there we attempt to help you. With our poll-system you can vote for the best date and on the site from the event everyone can announce if he or she is coming or not. If any further questions remained open, then you can ask the other players with a post on the group page or you can send them an private message.
plan events

plan your events

Is it hard to get as much people as possible together and inform them all? Then use our poll-system to find the best date. Afterwards you can insert your event here and let the other know in this way. Every player can then proclaim if he or she is coming to the event or not.
keep statistics

keep an eye on your stats

Everyone in your group claim the glory of best player for themselves? With our statistics you can prove it for each area now. Whether profit, ITM, victories, ROI, points, profitable re-entries, ...

stay in contact with your group

You live in different regions and not everyone is in the same social media? No problem, here you can communicate by posts on the group-page or by private messages. Share links, Youtube-videos, create polls and like or dislike posts and comments from your friends.
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Make your group publicly accessible

Recently you can make your group(s) publicly accessible. Why? We found out that some users would like to share their results with people who are not part of their poker group. To do so, we offer you the opportunity to make these data publicly available. But we still want you in the driver's seat of your data, that's why you can protect your group with a password, so that only people you want have access to your results.

Please notice that we hide some information for non-members of your group. That's why a guest can never see one of these data: the locations where your events take place, the registrations for your events and the posts and comments in your group.